Gloria Trull

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Born and raised in Waynesville, NC, Gloria moved to Hickory in 1987 after receiving a Business degree from Haywood Community College. She continues to work full time at local company. While living in Waynesville she dabbled in fitness. Upon her move to Hickory, she joined a local fitness club, which advanced her interest in a healthier lifestyle that included fitness training. Since then Gloria has explored many aspects of fitness starting with jazzercise and advancing to running a marathon in 2000 and several half marathons, 10K and 5K runs.

Now certified as a fitness trainer through AMFTP and in Yoga through YogaFit, Gloria began fitness training in 1998 with the HHS Cheerleading Team, as well as individuals in their homes and joined Body Dimensions in November of 2005. Along with speaking at numerous events on the subject of fitness and nutrition, Gloria loves to work with clients, ranging from teenagers to seniors to improve their fitness but stands by her doctrine that 80% of your results are what you eat! She believes that looking and feeling your best is a great result of working out but the most important reason to work out is for your health and longevity.