“I started training with Russ back in April of 2012, shortly after becoming interested in converting over to a low carbohydrate, non-Gluten and wheat-free diet. My goal was to lose 50 pounds and to gain back lost strength and flexibility at the same time. I wasn’t interested in severe levels of training, but rather I wanted to be able to fully participate in life without suffering unnecessary pain and injury. Russ recognized my goals, and over the last two-plus years has guided me to the point where at nearly 69 years old, I am probably stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life.

Russ realizes that not everyone is a fanatic, but he also knows that without constant encouragement, back-sliding is commonly the result. He is aware of my limitations, but at the same time he knows my body very well and has a knack for pushing me just a little bit beyond what I would choose to do on my own. Thus he is able to shape my twice-weekly workouts in a way that eliminates boredom and keeps me coming back for more. To my way of thinking, this is what makes a great trainer. Without his help, I know that I simply wouldn’t be anywhere near as far along the road to good health and active living as I am today.

Thanks Russ!” – Lonnie

“Russ has been everything I hoped for in a trainer. He motivates me, challenges me, and holds me accountable to my goals. Over the course of the last three years, Russ has pushed me beyond the limits of what I–and at times, he–believed was possible. His knowledge coupled with an unsurpassed enthusiasm for making me better are evident during every workout. And I have never felt like just another “client”, as Russ has always treated me like family. For anyone hoping to feel better, look better, and be better, I wholeheartedly recommend Russ as the person to help you get there.”

– Scot L.

“I have been in the fitness industry for over 21 years and I have worked with and trained thousands of people. I have to say that one of the best that I have seen is Gloria Trull. I have seen the dedication and discipline she puts in her workouts and training her clients I feel she goes above and beyond your typical trainer in fact she goes way beyond just for her clients. She has a heart that was made for what she does, the motivation she displays each and everyday has helped me to continue to improve my personal health and fitness levels. Gloria has made a permanate place in my life as a trainer with her knowledge, her willingness to help others and her dedication to the fitness industry and I also feel as a friend…”

Thanks for all you do Gloria,
Raymond Moses (Director of About Face Boot Camp)

“I find it hard to write this because Gloria is so much more in my life than just a “trainer”. She has always given 100% to me and my efforts to achieve my weight loss goals. Her dedication inspires me and motivates me. Gloria has not only made me stronger physically but also mentally. I have a new found self esteem, and know that there is at least one person with me on this journey of weight loss. I trust in her ability to help me reach my goals and I feel more than confident to recommend her to others. Most recently my Dad started training with her, that should say it all. She truly does care!”

Hilary Repass

“Working out with Maddie has made a huge impact on me. I always ran before and thought that would give me the results I wanted. I also thought lifting weights would make me bulk up instead of slim down. I’ve been training with Maddie for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She’s pushed me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of doing. She’s very motivating and AWESOME at what she does! She’s helped me with my nutrition and I’ve improved my endurance and running times while lifting weights with her. She keeps me focused and driven to help me reach my goals. I have muscle and definition I didn’t know existed before. I would recommend Maddie and Body Dimensions to anyone and everyone looking to reach their fitness goals.”

– Brooke Wilson

“I started training with Madison 2 months ago after taking a year off from any type of exercise. I’m amazed with the results already! She is encouraging and mindful of correct form which is most important. I look at her a lot and say “Have you lost your mind?” She laughs and makes me keep pushin’. I can’t wait to see the results to come. Thank you Madison!”

– Libby James

“I never really liked working out as it was extremely difficult to get motivated. The big gyms aren’t for me since I really didn’t know what to do when I got there. I thought I would try a personal trainer. I signed up with Madison Henline at Body Dimensions and I couldn’t be happier. I have a very different attitude toward exercising. Now I look forward to my workouts. The trainers are very professional. The workout is different every time, so I never get bored and I am just as motivated to push myself as Madison is to encourage me that I can do this.”

– Alisa Holma

“I started using Madison Henline as my trainer about 3 months ago. I have so much more energy and strength now than I did when I started. My clothes fit better and I weigh less. She really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to nutrition and fitness. I could probably do this on my own now, but I like the way she pushes me to do better and also makes it fun.”

– Jane Keever

faith100“If anyone would have told me 2 months ago that I would be working out with a trainer I would have said no way! But, I have been working out at Body Dimensions with Gloria Trull since January 16, 2008 and the results are wonderful. I am diabetic, have high blood pressure, asthma, high cholesterol and need to lose over 100 lbs. In a little over a month, I have lost 23 pounds, 14 1/2 inches and 5% body fat. My blood sugars have dropped 20 – 30 points since I started working out so I am confident I will be able to discontinue my medications in the near future.Gloria is the perfect trainer for me. She encourages me and really makes exercising fun. Gloria helped me understand the importance of properly feeding my body. And, that good nutrition is very important as well as timing my meals and eating enough protein. I am eating Living Lean Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with three protein snacks prepared by L & L Catering. I order the weight loss portion and each meal provides the right amount of protein, fiber and carbs. So far, I like everything I have ordered but the butterscotch protein pudding is my favorite! Gloria and Body Dimensions along with L & L Catering’s Living Lean Meals have me on the right track. An exercise program and a healthy eating plan go hand in hand and are the answer to being healthy and fit. I can’t wait to see my results after 6 months!”

Faith K. Welch

“I first met Pam in February of 2001 at The Spa as a kick box insturctor. I had been out of cancer treatments for 2 ½ years and put on 25 or more pounds. Pam is so energizing I wanted her to be my personal trainer. I signed on with her. I had no idea the whole package that I had signed up for, the nutrition, the cardio,the strength training, and especially the genuine concern for my fitness and well being.
Within 5 months, Pam had whipped me into shape and toned me better than I was in college. I acheived my goal and gained a friend while doing so.
After a few more months, I decided I knew what to do and could do it on my own while saving money. Needless to say, over time I fell away from exercising all together. There was no accountability, no one concerned with how I was doing, no one giving me encouragement, or anyone with that infectious energy .
By 2005, I was back where I was when I first started with Pam. Working on my own did not work. I do not have the discipline to do it on my own. I searched Pam out and found where her new business was located. I have been Pam‘s client since April 1, 2005. I have lost the wieght I gained and kept it off for 2 years.
Body Dimensions has a personal touch. Pam and Gloria periodically have special 8 to 12 week programs in addition to the weight training. The programs are like none other that you have or will participate in. They deal with subjects that help you to change your lifestyle so that you can get fit and stay fit. It was one of these programs that started my weight loss and I continued after the program ended.
Whether Pam likes it or not, she has become a part of my lifestyle and is stuck with me. I need her pushing me and keeping me on tract. I am 52 ½ years young and it is such a great feeling when I am able to do things just as well today as I did in my 30’s. ”

Thank you Pam for your dedication and support.


“It feels good. It feels good to push your body beyond what you would do by yourself. It feels good to work out with other like-minded people and without too much 20 y/o testosterone. It feels good to get new clothes or wear old clothes you thought you would never wear again. It feels good to be sore the next day. It feels good to look back over time and see how much you have accomplished. It feels good to your body, mind, and spirit.”

Reggie Sigmon

“Is it…. the weight training, the cardio,the results we achieve, the goals we set for ourselves, the goals that are set for us, the stress relief, the preparation for the run or the contest of beauty or vacation or the beginning of spring , the conversation, the meeting of new people and developing of new friends, the quest to be on time, the challenge of turning off the cell phone for 30 minutes or maybe an hour, the questions of how can our muscles still be hurting after working out so much, the letting others know that we have a personal trainer instead of just going to a gym, the need to really get our bodies in shape, the need to keep our bodies in shape, the knowledge of what we should really eat..what, when, and how much, the encouragement to keep up the good work, the challenge to do 5 more instead of 3 more or stopping now, the confidence someone else has in you to do your best and even better than your best??? The answer is yes with Pam and Gloria and more… and I look forward to a new year… in their new place ..and am thankful for the two of them.”

Robbin Osborne

“I stopped by Body Dimensions two and a half years ago just looking for someone to spend a few sessions with me to help rekindle my waning motivation. As a 20 year veteran aerobics queen and an avid reader of Fitness and Shape, I considered myself to be in fairly good shape and thought I knew most everything there was to know about fitness and nutrition. After spending a little time with Gloria, I realized I had alot to learn and that my fitness level was not quite what I thought it was! Now, 2 1/2 yrs later, I continue to learn and stay challenged by Gloria. At 51 years old, I am in the best shape of my life and hope to become even better. I am eternally grateful for the friendship, inspiration, and motivation I have found since I have been coming to Body Dimensions.”

Charlotte Barbagallo